2D Foundations Spring 2013 Gif Art Project

This spring, I wanted my students to try their hand at gif art.  Gifs, while they have been around since the telephone modem days of the 1990s internet, have been having a bit of a renaissance in the art world.  Their small size, low resolution, small color gamut, and generally small number of looping frames means the artist has to create a powerful design with only an economy of expression.  This, of course, makes it a perfect design challenge for art students!  The main twist on the project was that the gif file had to start out in drawing and/or painting media before becoming digitized.  This was largely done to stress a sense of continuity between a .gif file and the various drawing and painting projects they had made over the semester.

Here are some of the student works.  Note:  as many of these gif files were originally very large, some files have been shrunk/compressed so as to minimize bandwidth issues.

James Marino, Gif Projectcopy

James Marino

Bruno Lee, Gif Projectcopy

Bruno Lee

Grayson Cooke, Gif Projectcopy

Grayson Cooke

Austin Ruhf, Guitarbullshitcopy

Austin Ruhf, Guitarbullshit

Taylor Southwick, Gif Projectcopy

Taylor Southwick

Jahmel Pope, Swingcopy

Jahmel Pope, Swing

Jeff Bombelles, Gif Project

Jeff Bombelles

Andrew Zack, Gif Projectcopy


Andrew Zack


Catalina Benech, Gif Projectcopy

Catalina Benech

Student Videos

The Fall 2012 section of 2D Foundations concluded with a stop motion video project.  We looked at artists like William Kentridge, Blublue, and Pes for inspiration.  Below are the finished works.

(Note: many of the original projects were submitted with musical soundtracks.  Audio was removed from the videos when posting to youtube.)


Welcome to the Gallery for Student Work.  This blog will attempt to periodically document work produced by students of Brian Kelley.  The first body of work that this blog intends to feature will be stop-motion videos created by students in 2D Foundations.  Expect this videos to be online sometime during the winter exams.